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Lead in/out radius


Lead in/out radius

Hi users-

I am using wf 2.0 date code M080. Is it possible
not to have a lead in/out radius in a trajectory
tool path? Most of the time it is not
needed and just generates extra code. If I leave it
as a "0" or "-" it keeps asking over and over again
for the radius.The smallest value it will accept is .0003.
It works on a profile sequence with the lead_in set to yes.
But there appears to be no such option in trajectory.
Also I'm doing some work with process manager but I
haven't used it that much. Does anyone have any opinions
pro or con about it?

Thanks Rob Jeanjaquet

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Hi Users -
Thanks for the replies. The one that
helped was the one telling me to select a
normal approach under build cut instead of
a lead in and lead out like I was doing.
This solved the problem. I did have to add
a normal approach in the customize box since
our machines need to do an x and a y move for
cutcom to be turned on. There may be other
solutions but this seems easy enough.

Thanks Rob Jeanjaquet
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