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List of Pro-E users across the world


List of Pro-E users across the world

I agree with Bruce also. I was let go from a company here in Erie,PA
(Rapid Mold Solutions) because they decided to get all their design and
manufacturing of injection molds done in China. All they do now is
repair and tune-up. They even brought a guy in from China and showed him
how to model radiator tanks. They gave China all their technology. Crazy
huh? I just designed a mold that we are building to replace a China mold
that was only 2 years old! That project engineer was probably a hero 2
years ago but has actually cost the company close to twice what it would
have cost to get it built right the first time! I know my name is
already on a list because I get regular E-mails from China companies.
Most are not well versed in English either. I see evidence that some are
turning away from the overseas manufacturers and coming back to us for
the quality. I think there is hope that things are turning around. Have
a good Friday.

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After reading all the postings related to this thread I think that the admin
should ban and or block this type of thing in our forums? I feel that this
is out of line with what is going on here.

There are many reasons people want this type of info. For example an
unemployed Pro/E designer could use such a list to focus his job


There are many reasons why someone would want this list. My own personal
reason is that as an independent contractor / consultant, I would like to
know which domestic companies that may need assistance on a project. This
can be a benefit to local companies either in my city, state (Ohio), or
geographic area.

For others, here are a few reasons I can think of:

* Competing software companies looking to increase sales from business
that use Pro-E, or offer complimentary products (Pro-E toolkit)
* An OEM looking for a contract manufacturing that can use the Native
Pro-E CAD files without translating to STEP/IGES.
* A mechanical design engineer looking for an industrial designer (or
the converse) to collaborate on a project using the same CAD system (joint
* An overseas company with a lower labor rate looking clients in US,
Europe, etc. that are currently outsourcing abroad.
* A staffing firm looking to recruit engineers or industrial designers
for a company that uses Pro-E and has a current opening
* An engineer or ID who is concerned about their job in the current
economy looking for a parachute in case their company downsizes. Finding a
local company would avoid the need to relocate and the candidate could focus
his/her job search as Mike (see email below) has already mentioned.
* A college graduate looking for his/her first job after using the
educational version of Pro-E.

Of course, there are other reasons as well. Those who jobs are on the line
have good reason to be concerned given the state current US, as well as the
world economy. If you find yourself out-of-work in the next few months, this
list could be of personal value.

I suggest we be civil to each other as the purpose of the forum to offer
assistance to each other. However, I also believe one should be free to
voice concerns about a list of Pro-E users that could have the potential to
adversely affect their company. It is a balancing act when working with
these types of requests.



This is not the place for this type of SPAM! Go somewhere else to hock you
wears this is a "USER" forum.


Read the usage policy link at the bottom of this page.


I might be missing something here but I dont see much focus in a list
that includes the "whole world" and from the feedback I have received
offline there are a huge number of people that understand and agree with my
response. The facts are what the facts are and those who have been wrongly
terminated, layed off, displaced by companies that are run by bean counters
and sheer greed will have a voice. Look around and see what the great ideas
of a global economy have done to all of us and the trickle down effects that
this has on the economies around the world.

Terry is incorrect that this should be "banned or blocked" in our forums. I
would agree that moving it to the ETC section would be a better choice but
what good does banning ideas and thought do for a free society?

The original poster of this message made a mistake. Offering or soliciting business should be performed in the Network forum which states "Postings for sales, training, help wanted, help offered". People can then choose whether or not to reply to him. Although I do personally frown upon any request from a services provider asking forthe masterlist of users. He should know that such a request will never be honored.

Evan Caille

PTC/USER Director of Customer Councils (and temporary Director of Internet Services)

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