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[Manuf] NCpost - Gpost (Curve Fitting)


[Manuf] NCpost - Gpost (Curve Fitting)

I used NCpost for years with curve fitting turned on within the post
with a tolerance of .0006. The curve fitting worked great. It handled
everything including helical leadin's. Trusted it completely.

Now I have switched to Gpost and I can't make it work for crap.
I have spent hours changing and playing with all the tolerance
parameters and to no avail. I really dislike having to put a cl
command in the toolpath just to turn it on. Maybe it woks ok
if you can get it setup properly. If someone uses curve fitting
please send me a sample post.


Robert Whitted
Contract CNC Programmer

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I feel you pain Robert, I used to use Cam Post, it was much better that
Gpost is.
I don't think Gpost arc filters all three arc planes on the fly.

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