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Post Processor Redundancy


Post Processor Redundancy


I am doing some 5-axis hole drilling and using Intercim's G-Post. I
have turned off (or not turned on) redundancy in the Machine Tool Type,
Type Specs & Axes, Specs tab in the Motion Register Modality section by
selecting Motion register are modal and NOT Motion registers are
non-modal (XYZ only) or Motion registers are non-modal (XYZABC). As you
can see in the snippet of code below, the A and B axes are set in block
N11 and they remain the same. Block N20 is a peck drill cycle and the A
and B values are output even though they have not changed. How do I get
total redundancy checking, even in CYCLE statements? (The I, J & K
values for the tool axis are the same throughout the program, I

N10 T03 M6
N11 G0 G56 B7.239 A6.
N12 G0 G43 X-1.4920 Y5.7406 Z31.0984 H3
N13 X-4.4920
N14 G1 X-4.2686 Y5.7389 Z29.6151 F30.
N16 M0
N17 S1000 M3
N18 G0 X-4.2686 Y5.7389 Z30.2638
N19 X-.0001 Y6.9762
N20 G83 X.0000 Y6.9812 Z27.8452 Q.1000 R28.3638 B7.239 F3. A6.
N21 G80

John H. Durrant
ATK Thiokol Propulsion
Pro/E Wildfire 2
(435) 863-6135

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