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Pro/ENGINEER to Oracle


Pro/ENGINEER to Oracle

Hi all

Is it possible to transfer BOM data from a standaloneseat ofPro/ENGINEER into an Oracle database without the use of a PDM system such as Intralink?

For example, could you takethe text file from an Info>BOM output of an design assembly in Pro/ENGINEER and import it into a usable format in Oracle to create a manufacturing BOM?

Sorry if this is a daft question but I'm not that familiar with the capabilities of Oracle.



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I used to do this exact thing at a previous employer. What we did was generate a BOM text file from Pro/E and then strip out all the extra junk that was not required from the Pro/E file. Then we had the I.T. department write a small script that read-in the text file and imported it into the Oracle database. It did work but we had clean-up work to do from Pro/E before the data was usable in Oracle.

It was generally faster than typing everything into Oracle one by one, but if there were any goofs on the cleaned up text file to be imported (i.e. typo's or incorrect part numbers etc...), then it would create all sorts of problems and would become more time consuming than entering everything one at a time.

Overall it was better and faster than one at a time.


Ahhh... you're bringing back fond memories of our old PDM system... we,
as a rule, would save the contents of the BOM table and using a quck
little "post processing" program (Turbo Pascal) that quickly formatted
the ASCII file, would upload directly into our Oracle based ERP

It worked because on the Oracle side, the system would accept BOM

I'll go out on a limb and say if you know what format the BOM input to
your Oracle system is, somebody, somewhere should be able to take the
output of a Pro/E BOM table or assembly BOM output and "massage" it a
bit to make it look correct.....

Our PCB people routinely import BOMs into our current Agile system
because of the large number of components. We have a Pro/E BOM table,
when saved as text, is formatted just like the PCB output- this lets us
use the same import settings they use.... (Because of Agile's "redline"
paradigm, we don't import BOM's too often.)

In the pre Pro/E days (can you cay CADDS?), we went from drawing to
Oracle without human intervention.... all BOM changes were made on the
drawing and "pushed" to Oracle.... BOM sorting could be controlled,
assembly variations were possible, and item numbers were always in
sync..... We haven't come close to achieving the same level of
functionality with Pro/E...

Good luck!

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