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Is there a function that you can split the Tap file into a few sub files
so you can feeding the your CNC machine one at a time & it still not
screwing up the whole operation? One of the Mazak I have in house - The
controller doesn't have enough memory to take the whole file at one


Thanh Nghi

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Did you tried "On Line" mode of work, when program translated to the
machine via the network or a special cable from the external computer?
In many cases this is a good solution. You can tweak gpost so that it
will inserts appropriate command to retract tool and execute refilling
cycle every 1000 lines, for example.

Regarding your question, there is now built-in function. You can make
a simple script that will take a TAP file and generate smaller pieces
based on the number of lines or the size of the file that will fit the
memory of the controller.

Best regards,
Igor Varshavsky