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ProNC plunge mill seq.


ProNC plunge mill seq.

I was wondering if anybody use the Plunge milling seq.. I tried it with an
inserted plunge mill today. The first time I used surface and the path was
correct roughing a cavity feature. I set the scan_type to type_one_dir. I
set my plunge_step to .300" and the tool would step into the material
correctly for that feature.

I had a cone feature that I wanted to rough with the same tool. I tried
different scan types and plunge steps but the tool would try to plunge the
whole diameter of the tool when it moved to the other end of the wp. If you
have seen an inserted plunge mill before they have inserts that have a
limit on how much of the dia. can be plunged because they are not center
cutting. I tried using mill window and it would start out fine but then
when it went to the other end of the window it would plunge the whole tool
in again and then you get to see sparks flying. I also tried build cut
approach. It would be good on one end of the part but when it went to the
other side it would plunge the whole tool into the wp.

Is the plunge seq. only good for flat cavity's? Or am I missing some
parameter that tells pro to machine from outside the wp in so that it don't
plunge my whole cutter into the wp.

I think plunge milling is really good for removing a lot of material out on
low hp machines and when you have weak workholding.

For the time being I will go back to a volume seq. but would like to figure
a way to use plunge milling.

Son Nguyen

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