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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the best way to find out if your NC Seq.
removes all the material from the work piece against the reference part?
Because ProE/2001 has problem when you do material removal, it also
remove all the material in the area where the tool can't reaches. Also,
what is the best NC Seq. that is appropriate to remove some of the
material where the tool can't reaches in some area?


Thanh Nghi

Cad Supervisor

First Technology Innovative Solutions

Phone #: 734-254-1261

Fax #: 734-451-9549

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We use AutoDiff in Vericut, but the bad part is that you need a
standalone version to do it.

Paul Stern

NC Programming Team Leader

John Deere - Waterloo Works

400 Westfield Ave., Waterloo, Iowa 50701-5343

Phone - (319) 292-4017 fax - (319) 287-1235


Further you could save cut models functionality to load cut models and play
subsequent NC sequences. Works better than material removal functionality in

Praveen Rao

CAD/CAM Manager

Dynamic Tool & Design

Actually, AutoDiff works in the included Pro/NC Vericut - at least in mine
it does.

You can get a display of gouged or excess stock or both - make sure to set
your tolerance properly on the Tolerance tab. It's a great quick check, but
isn't always 100% accurate.

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