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SUMMARY: Floating licences


SUMMARY: Floating licences

Original question:
Anybody knows what's the PTC procedure/policy regarding floating licences.

Can an optional module be made floating. Can ANY module be made floating
or just some specific ones.

The short answer is that some modules are OPTIONS (can float) and some are
EXTENSIONS (cannot float, but can be setup as startup licence to be picked
as a first come-first serve).
Some of the OPTIONS (that can be floating) are:

Pro/ENGINEER Mechanism Dynamics Option (MDO) (includes mechanism)
Pro/ENGINEER Tool Design Option (TDO)

Pro/ENGINEER Prismatics and Multi-Surfaces Milling Option
Pro/ENGINEER Production Machining Option
Pro/ENGINEER Complete Machining Option
Pro/ENGINEER Computer Aided Verification Option
Pro/ENGINEER NC Sheetmetal Option

Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica Option
Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Mechanica Option
Pro/ENGINEER Fatigue Advisor Option
Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Rendering Option
Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer

Thank you everybody. I can tell this forum is a diamonds mine. It worth a
thousand customer service centers.
Thank you Rui, Tony, Chris, Tim, Ron, Scott, Francois,Jeff and others.
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