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SUMMARY Remote use...


SUMMARY Remote use...

I received 26 responses to this question. I didn’t think that I would get
that many responses. Most people were/are very familiar with the situation
that I was describing, and all of the suggestions were things that I listed,
or things that we had tried or are currently doing. Since a lot of the
suggestions were along the same theme, I’ve very quickly summarized them. If
anyone would like me to put together an email with all the responses, drop
me an email.

Probably about half of the respondents indicated that their company has a
laptop that they use for this purpose. Sometimes it’s a dedicated users
machine and sometimes it’s a loaner laptop that’s shared between the whole
department. However, everyone did indicate that they were "engineering"
laptops, and not just run-of-the-mill laptops that they were using. They
were workstation laptops or capable of running Pro adequately.

A number of the respondents indicated the that they have a computer in
conference room that’s capable of running Pro. Often times these are handed
down CAD stations. That’s currently what we’re doing (to a point), but there
are some other issues that we’ve had with that in the past. A lot of these
issues for us are solved by using our own desktops, or would be solved if we
had a laptop.

Use Productview. Publish everything to Productview, and then use from
conference room.

Several said that they had used remote viewers. Products listed
wereTimbuktu, R-Admin, DameWare MRC, and VNC. If using XP, several
recommended using Remote Desktop Connection. This does work, but the
graphics may become jumpy due to the latency. A side note on VNC. Only one
person said that VNC works. All others indicated that it did not work with
Pro. In our limited testing, we found that it didn’t work here either.
Another option was possibly running Pro via a Citrix server. We don’t have a
Citrix server.

A fair number of respondents are actually moving the users desktop to the
conference room. The comment was made by almost everyone that does this,
that it does work, but it’s a pain. Some people couldn’t actually believe
that we were doing it this way, but it’s true.


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