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Solid turning tools


Solid turning tools

Anyone have solid models of turning tools they are willing to share. I am looking for 3/4" shank turning/grooving/facing/threading tools and any kind of boring tools. I have used Pro/Man for milling, but I am new to using Pro/Man for turning and could use some help getting started.

Thanks for any help,
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Shameless plug: you might want to check out the webcast on solid tooling
today at 2:30pm EST. All knowledge will be revealed [g].


Hi All,

Thanks to everyone for your help so far. I have a Assy. of the holder
and tool from the PTC Library I'm trying to use. In WF4 the tool
manager is looking for .xml files and doesn't recognize the assy. The
help files don't mention this.

Thank You
Don Farneth

(Original message)
Hi All,

Is it possible to use a tool holder and tool in (play path) in a NC
Sequence. I'm programming a turbine, 5 axis surface mill and I want to
make sure my collet nut is not going to hit the outside shoulder of the

Thanks everyone,
It's working!


I was using the open icon in the tool setup manager, but it is actually
retrieve tool from disc icon. You have to go to File: Open Tool Library,
by Ref. and then the Assm model I saved from the PTC library opened and
worked fine. In play path, I have not tried Vericut yet.
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