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Summary: Sequence numbers in merged post


Summary: Sequence numbers in merged post

Hello to all,

On 22 July, I posted a question regarding sequence numbers in a merged post. I have provided the text of the original e-mail at the end of this message.

I received one response (posted to the list by Fred Nemecek) which addressed this issue. It follows this summary.

I am now able to make the sequence numbers output in the format that I desire. However, I was not able to accomplish it exactly as Fred originally specified. Using DMY=POSTF(2,1,1508,72) in the FIL section did not change the behavior of the merged post.

What did work was to use the 'Commons' panel of the 'Advanced' section to set INTCOM 1508 to 72. This was needed only in the main (turning) post.

After further communication with Fred, we realized the mistake in the posted instructions: The Merging utility actually looks at the main post's option file (.pxx). The POSTF(2,1,1508,72) command in the FIL section does not change the option file's setting.

I am much happier now to have this taken care of. I had previously set the problem aside and was simply letting the merged post output an incremental sequence number at each tool change.


Dave Ford
CNC Programming
G.W. Lisk Co.
Clifton Springs, NY
(315) 462-4381

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