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Trajectory Milling and Retract Plane


Trajectory Milling and Retract Plane

Has anyone noticed different functionality when moving from ProNC 2001
to Wildfire 2 with respect to the z depth of a mill cutter when using
trajectory milling? When milling several trajectories on different z
planes we typically selected the lowest z plane as our retract depth.
This would minimize retract motion for trajectories that required
multiple slices (i.e. the retract would be the clear_dist amount not all
the way back to some retract plane above the highest trajectory. That
seemed to work well in ProNC 2001 if we deleted all the auto plunges and
retracts from customize and connected with go delta's and goto points.
We have noticed with Wildfire 2 all of the automatic cuts are now output
at or below the retract plane (depth of cut in Z). This happens even if
a different height is specified in the cut. Can anyone verify this or
offer an explanation? Thanks in advance.

Paul Stern

NC Programming Team Leader

John Deere - Waterloo Works

400 Westfield Ave., Waterloo, Iowa 50701-5343

Phone - (319) 292-4017 fax - (319) 287-1235

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