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Use of flatten curves


Use of flatten curves


I'm trying to help out a tooling guy by giving a tool path upon a
flattened sheet. The part is roughly cylindrical so I have flattened the
surface sheet and flattened an offset sheet which is at the tool depth.
It is a simple matter then to project the graphics at the surface to the
flattened sheet at the tool depth. The problem then is how to wrap these
graphics back to the model. So far, I have tried curves, cosmetic
sketches, datum curves and sketch curves. The bend solid (flatten
curves) doesn't seem to recognize any of these curve selections and
simply "hangs". Is the "flatten curve" command a one way street just for
taking a curve off the model and putting it on a flattened sheet as I am
looking to do the exact opposite? Maybe one of the "label" experts could
help me out here; all suggestions would be gratefully received.

WF3.0 M160


Richard A. Black

Lead Engineer

Eaton Corporation

16900 Aberdeen Road

Laurinburg, NC. 28353

Tel: 910-610-1788

Fax: 910-277-3700

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Richard, There is info here on a Sheetmetal function that allows a projected curve to be flattened when a Sheetmetal part is flattened. This may be a technique you can consider.
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