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XML files in proman


XML files in proman

Hi gurus'

I am running into a problem that maybe somebody can show me the light.

I am using the xml files of tools created now in WF3. I notice that these
XML files have all the material information in it now compared to the .tpm
files that was created in previous releases.

The problem I am running into is that I like to organize my tool files into
categories. Example "Endmills and Drills folder. In each folder I will have
different folders for HSS, Carbide and Inserted.

Before with .tpm files I can move the tool files to the folders and not
worry about the material files. But now if I move the xml files and later
create the same tool but with new stock material. The new xml file will only
have the new material file and if I move that file to the correct directory
it will just replace the previous file and lose all the previous stock
material in that file.

The only work around I have found so far that works is to leave the xml file
in the main tool crib folder and forget about organizing them and the files
when saved will append to the old one. That will work if you got only a
couple of tools but when you have a lot of tools then it can be a pain to
locate the tool you want to use. The old way with .tpm files and material
files worked better. Or if I can figure a way to do a save as so that I can
redirect the save path to where the existing tool is located so that it can
append the old file.

Son Nguyen
CNC Programmer
Great Plains Mfg, Inc.
601 Idlewild
Salina, KS 67401
785-827-3749 ext. 2147
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