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part centerline bogus corner radius


part centerline bogus corner radius

Hi folks, I will try and keep this short and to the point.
Our shop requires part centerline programming vs cutter centerline programming, which is no big deal except for a bug within Pro/Mfg that is a real pain.
First off, under the NC Machine section of the Operation parameters this is how I have my parameters set in order to run part centerline.
NC Machine / Cutter Compensation /Output Cutter Position / Tool Edge / Safe Rad = 0 / Adjust Corner = Straight

With me so far…

Okay, using an ordinary trajectory nc/seq, following a datum curve or sketch, any and every sharp corner the tool path encounters is converted into a radius instead of the intersection point that it should be move to. Example: The output should be an XY move to the corner or intersection it was sent to, but instead it creates on its own a radius that happens to be the dia of the current tool being used.

Now I know that if I set my slot offset to â€Ã
“none” instead of left or right, I get the code that doesn’t create those bogus radius’s, but it totally hoses my tool path simulation since the tool is now being shown running right down the middle of my path instead of being offset to the left or right as it would be at the machine.

I will leave it at that, and hopefully you followed along. I called pro about this and didn’t get any resolve. They said maybe in wildfire 3.0 it might be resolved but they didn’t know why this is happening.

Any of you folks experience the same thing, and maybe have found a fix?



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