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screen freeze


screen freeze


After working on a drawing for some time, with the pre-selection highlighting on, the window may lock up. I can move the cursor, but take no action. I can’t select anything, inside or outside of Pro for about 30 seconds. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the pre-selection highlighting being the trigger.

It happens only after I have been working on the drawing for a time, then once it starts, any time I highlight, the screen freezes up. This is not specific to any one drawing.

If I turn the pre-selection highlight off, everything is fine.

Anyone have a suggestion for a fix?

W/F 2003490

1 gig ram


NVIDIA Quadro4 750GXL video

Thanks in advance,

Rick Miller

Design Engineer

FN Manufacturing, Inc

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."........Benjamin Franklin

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Hi Rick,

I have run into something similar with Wildfire2.
What happened to me was a hidden pop-up window.
One example is explode state modifications.

Modify explode state
Copy position
Preferences (to select many)

When you click references it brings up the preferences window
But it brings it up. no where. Screen freezes up, and have to
try to break the Pro/E sequence.

Try this out and see if it is your same problem.
Hopefully PTC will fix it before they release it.

Best regards,

Frederick W. Burke III
Mechanical Design Engineer
ISE Corporation
7345 Mission Gorge Road, Suite K
San Diego, California 92120
(619) 287-8785 x-151

I too have run into screen freeze. I walked away from my desk and lost
my local license.
I had just done a modify text. When I came back I could not select the
OK button
on the regained license dialog box because of the open notepad
window.... So I am
wondering if it isn't a license check problem in Pro/E. Even if you
don't use a floater
I wonder if it could be some other hang up that maybe a ptcflush could
fix... ???

Ron Davis, Sr Mech Product Designer
Rackable Systems, Inc
San Jose, Ca. 95131

(510) 290-4567


I think Frederick is right. My screen also freezes up and it seems like
I'm in another window which is hidden. I usually go to "Window" up in the
task bar and than go to "activate window". Usually the messge appears if
I really want to quit what I'm doing. If I say no, the window sometimes
appears and I can go from there, and if I say yes I want to quit I can
continue to work.

If the activate window doesn't help me, I will go and try to close the
window and usually than a message will come up asking if I want to quit
what I am doing. If I say no, the hidden window with show up again, or I
can just continue to work, wondering what just happened.

Hope this helps.

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