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Drilling Sequence hitting part


Drilling Sequence hitting part

I have a drilling sequence that I would like to start from .1 off the surface being drilled. However, when the tool moves to the next hole, I would like it to be .35 over that same surface in order to avoid something that it would hit (in this case, the part, but the fixture would be another reason). I can do this by setting CLEAR_DIST to .1 and PULLOUT_DIST to .35. These options make it correct when I perform an NC CHECK or a tool path view, but when I make the part, it mysteriously still hits the part.

N0005 G83 X5.1513 Y.48 Z-.7876 Q.025 R-.4 F4.

Is there a way for Pro/E to output the correct code to make the machine move like the tool path player says it will?

Any help appreciated,


RE: Drilling Sequence hitting part

Hi Matt,

There is nothing wrong with what you are setting in the parameters or with
what Pro/NC is outputting. CLEAR_DIST value does to a CLEAR couplet on the
CYCLE statement, and PULLOUT_DIST value goes to a RETURN couplet. If you
look at the NCL file that is generated you will see:

CYCLE/DEEP, DEPTH,depth, STEP,step, IPM,feed, CLEAR, clear-dist, RETURN,

The problem is in your post-processor. It seems that it does not process the
RETURN couplet correctly.

I hope this helps,


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re: Drilling Sequence hitting part


re: Drilling Sequence hitting part

Does your machine have a secondary clearance address like "P"? If so you do not have it defined in you post processor. I your machine does not have this address the only way to make the machine behave the way you want it to would be to have Pro/NC or the post put out descreate move to drill the hole instead of a canned cycle.