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RE: customizing drilling cycle


RE: customizing drilling cycle

Terry, Our post processor is designed to combine multiple NC Sequences
with the same tool as one tool path (i.e. you may have 2 or more NC
Sequence features in a row in ProE but the g-code only has one tool
call). If you can set up your post processor to do this you can create
multiple NC Sequences that all have different retract & clearance planes
as well as different parameters and even include your goto command at
the end of any of those NC Sequences. I would recommend verifying the
g-code on a stand alone version of Vericut before running this on your

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customizing drilling cycle

I do alot of drilling with some parts having surfaces not on the same plane. I have some parts where the drilling surface is the zero plane but also has holes in steps and bores on the same drilling plane but below to zero plane. Most of the time I will pick "cycle optimize" and set it to no. Other times I have holes where I need to jump over a clamp etc and I put a goto at the end of the tool path so I can keep the retract plane closer to the zero plane. There are some holes in a few pockets below the zero plane that I want to drill. I want to keep the tool down below the zero plane but goto the retract plane between holes. This sequence will not work on the zero plane I have messed around with some customizing but it seems that it will put what I build in either at the begining or the end of the tool path even when I pick it on the tool path. I'm looking for some feedback on how you handle this.


RE: customizing drilling cycle

I did some playing around with this issue and found that the machine sequence parameters will force the tool to pull away for all holes. I tried "pull out dist" "rapid to" and they did the same for me as "cycle optimize" set to no. I decided to try a "check surface" and ran the tool path. This was what I wanted to see but the tool retracted to "Z0". I changed "checked surface allow" to .1 and it ran like I wanted it to. I did not think that "check surface" would work for drilling? I can post a picture of the tool path if anyone wants to see it?