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Enhanced graphing tools and batch processing

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Enhanced graphing tools and batch processing

Hi everyone,

here are my two cents worth:

Enhanced graphing tools. The current graph editing tool is not state of the art but resembles the state of late soviet era software; most things are feasible but cumbersome. Therefore I'd like to see features such as:

  1. external naming of traces so that it is not necessary anymore to edit each trace label within the graph
  2. extended double-clicking not only for axes and labels but for all elements of the graph so that not all inputs are via some menu
  3. easier annotations within diagrams

For all what Excel isn't and can't its diagram editing is excellent

Enhanced batch processing: Again, much is possible but time-consuming. One often notices that most features of data input and processing are convenient for single data sets but cumbersome for the lot.

  1. A standard routine that cycles through a folder containing multiple Excel sheets
  2. easier change of path names (double-click, change of card, input of name)

Adaptation to non-american keyboard layouts

Inputs that appear to be easy and simple on american layouts are spasm prone for my fingers in some cases. I'm quite certain that many other users liked to see such a feature!

Hope to see that soon



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