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Improve the "Compare Documents / Worksheets"

Improve the "Compare Documents / Worksheets"

The Compare Documents/Worksheets functionality is too rigid in its detrmination of 'something moved' etc. It mixes cosmetic changes with 'real' changes.

The compare documents should allow a lot more flexibility on what is being compared, and not being compared.

I often will have many variants of a worksheet with little extra bits and changes, but because of updates near the front everything is flagged as moved, makin g the tool almost useless.

I'd like to be able to selectively choose what feature are checked.

The code should then 'chunk' the large patches of code which are unchanged beyond simply having moved down a page etc.

If the sequence of calculations is unchanged after re-alignment of regions that should be allowed as 'unchanged'

I would expect that the selction to include

  1. Check retained results? y/N
  2. Check local positioning? y/N [check region sequence only]
  3. Ignore text box changes? Y/n
  4. Graph set-ups changed? y/N


Suggestions welcomed as to things others would desire to beselectable

This would greatly enhance the ability to see which items actually changed, and which were cosmetic differences.


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