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Make Prime Do EVERYTHING that v15 does!

Make Prime Do EVERYTHING that v15 does!

It's that simple.  The improvements in Prime are great but it MUST do everything that v15 does correctly or I cannot use it.


It would have been more helpful to our group of Matcad users if PTC had devoted resources to improving plotting in Mathcadv rather than introducing Mathcad Prime.  We use animnation and 3-D plots are these available in Prime?

Prime users can be helpfull in publicising any limitation the saoftware has.

After years of requesting improved plotting and the aquisition of plotting software Axum by Mathsoft Mathcad generated plots do not meet publication standards.

Dave Snelling

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I could not agree more!!! I have been a Mathcad user since the original version was released a few decades ago. Mathcad Prime is a cruel joke on the user community. After several years of "development" it is still far short of Mathcad 15, not just in plotting functionality, but in basic computational capability. I submitted a SPR in March 2018 (SPR #7330688) pointing out a problem where incrementing a single function input variable by 1 caused the computation to go from almost instantaneous to taking several 10's of seconds to execute (which does not happen with the identical computation in Mathcad 15). Over a year later, and going from Prime 4.0 to 5.0, the same problem is present, and I've had ZERO feedback from PTC on whether they even care about my problem. How many other such "land mines" are still present in Prime? It would have been vastly better to issue a 64 bit version of Mathcad 15 than to waste years developing Prime's eye candy changes to the user interface, with a defective computational engine behind it, and abysmally inferior plotting capabilities!! Does PTC management ever talk to real customers???

I've had the same experience. a case has been open for a year without as much as an email. Instead advertisements from PTC to swap MC15 for MC Prime which isn't even subprime to its own standard.

A couple of months ago, I was asked to do a "listening" interview with PTC representatives. I gave them an earful for 30 minutes about the sorry state of Mathcad Prime, and begged them just to release a 64-bit version of Mathcad 15, and they promised to convey my concerns to management. That's the last I've heard of it.

Well, if that doesn't sound familiar!

I don't get it why PTC even bothers to set up meetings. So far they have been impervious to customer agonies.


I’m happy with prime and have been a long time user of mathcad before 15, it’s an improvement in my opinion 

In what way do you consider Prime an improvement, other than its word processing type capabilities? I use it for real computational tasks, not for document preparation. The only technical advantage that I see is that it's a 64-bit app, whereas Mathcad 15 is a 32-bit app.

In Prime I miss Mathcad 15's capabilities to

  • create 3D-volume images
  • create videos for parameter variations (FRAME variable)
  • transform formulas symbolically by keystrokes
  • fade out empty parts of pages using explicit page breaks (less wasted monitor area)
  • create grid lines in diagrams (linear and logarithmic scales)
  • debug scipts (trace() and debugging area)
  • ... and so on ...

64-bit and multithreading is nice but useless, if function is not there at all.

For my applications, simulations and Mathcad 15 worksheets (all using at least one of the capabilities missing in Prime) MC Prime is a step back!


The great step forward would be to transfer MC15 to become a 64-bit software with multithreading capabilities.


Best regards,


How much more feedback from real users does PTC need? PLEASE, just issue a 64-bit version of Mathcad 15!!! Multi-threading would be nice too, but how this is supposed to work in Mathcad Prime is a mystery. I've queried Tech Support about how to take advantage of this in structuring a calculation, and have gotten zip in response. I remain unable to use Mathcad Prime for my purposes, due to its slower execution and abysmal plotting capability.

Please improve the plotting capabilities in Prime at least at MCAD 15 level.

The possibility to have a configurable report-format for the calculations in Prime is a good feature. But this is severely spoiled by not being able to represent the results as one would.

In addition, the conversion of MCAD files to Prime still presents too many errors, requiring detailed re-writing of old-but-working (in MCAD) calculation sheets.

I really hope that Version 7.0 will address these topics and be an answer to our requests.

Thanks and regards.


Absolutely I agree.  Many features of MC15 are still missing on Prime, it's so funny. 


There should be a way to hyperlink the page number so that we can directly jump on the specific page directly from the Index. 

And it add more value to handle large calculation in a single project.


Why after so many releases does it not have something as basic as heading formats? We have to present our calculations to people that are not that great at reading a pile of numbers but understand headings are a good place to look when trying to find a specific point to start looking. There seems to be nothing in Prime that makes this as easy as it is in MathCAD 15...


PTC apparently never heeded customer's advice. They never ever did so much as comment on it apart from uttering standard sales pitch. It's as if they're bent on erasing memory of the features Mathcad 15 had for to push on with their agenda i.e.; only a number cruncher is needed.

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