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Provide Equation Numbering

Provide Equation Numbering

Provide equation numbering for mathcad expressions, whether numeric evaluations, symbolic evaluations, or simple expressions such as booleans within a Given-Find block.

The numbering should allow auto numbering for at least two levels and an alpha, e.g. 10.1a. And allow standard prefix/suffixes such as "Eqn (" and ")" so the result would be "Eqn (10.1a)".

The equation numbering would be in a placeholder subsequent to the current units/dimension.

Probably enable by a properties tick box, wich would also cover the "restart numbering" for the sub levels, (and separator characters if needed)

Should the Table of Contents ideas be implemented then obviously the equations list should also be available.

23-Emerald I

Ages ago someone posted a script that enabled equaation numbering.  Don't know if I can find it, and I don't know if it would work in Prime . . .

24-Ruby V

I remember vaguely that it used scripted components and so it would not work in Prime.

I have Alvaro Díaz as author in mind, but I'm absolutely not sure about that. Couldn't find the sheet yet.

EDIT: There is a sheet by Alvaro here:

It doesn't use scripted components but pictures, which also would not work in Prime.

So maybe I mixed up things but I am pretty sure there was a sheet using components.

EDIT AGAIN: Found the file using the scripted component. Dates back to 2001, author was Greg Neill. Have uploaded it here

Nevertheless i second the suggestion that Mathcad should provide some means for doing that numbering out of the box.

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