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Upgrade Mathcad Prime document formatting

Upgrade Mathcad Prime document formatting

Many Mathcad documents become official reports, so the formatting available in Mathcad Prime must be greatly improved.  Here is a list of requested formatting options.

  1. Bring back customizable Styles.  Manually formatting every text block is tedious and just plain mean.
  2. Allow complete font customization of variables, constants, units, system, keywords, and the like.
  3. Bring back the Ruler and customizable tabs
  4. Bring back the align feature.
  5. Allow customizable page margins.
  6. Add layers: "Send to back", "Send backwards", "Send forward", and "Send to front"
  7. Add table of content tools.  Ideally based on Styles
  8. Add spell checker
  9. Allow internal and external hyperlinks.

I'm 100% behind this idea.  One of the things I have always liked about MathCad is the ease with which you can prepare "user-friendly" documents that illustrate points, including the math and plots, but in a way most readers will understand.  For example, I've made sheets that discuss Dose-Response curves and Scatchard Plots, handing it to medical students, many of whom will skim over the math but will "get" the text and graphics (plots).

I'd love to "Vote" on this, but cannot figure out how to do so!  What do you click to vote?  I tried clicking the "Up" button at the top, and it changed to "You have voted up", but still says "Voted on 2 times" (maybe it will change when I "Add Comment").  If Votes are being requested, please indicate where/how to vote!

Bob Schor

24-Ruby II

You voted "Up".


Though I would love to 'upgrade' to Prime, I still remain in MathCAD 15 due to the lack of sufficient document formatting options.  I am more than 100% behind this idea.  I use MathCAD for presentational calculations in my business, and until the formatting is at least close to the former MathCAD versions, I will be unable to adopt Prime.


We are working on most of these document formatting options for Mathcad Prime 3.0.


Many Mathcad documents become official reports,...

This sentence alone is the essence of  why companies use Mathcad over other competitor programs. It is because it used to be a mathematical program that was a great text editor as well. No need for Word to create a good looking document and no need for Maple to do the math.

There is already a good improvement in the Prime 3.0 version, however customer still want their TOC and styles back, so I upvoted this even if it has been open for 2 years


While you upgrading the plotting, please provide grids on plots.  They are fairly useless without grids.

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