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Various Issues

Various Issues

I Have just finished converting 30 documents, 380 pages, from Mathcad 14 to Mathcad prime 2.0.  The good news is most everything worked, but a couple of things did not.  Most things that are missing are a matter of convenience or formatting.   Here is a summary of what I found, as well as some new things I like.

Things in Mathcad 14 and earlier versions missing in Mathcad Prime 2.0

1. Can't set superscripts or subscripts in a text region

2. Can't split a long equation into multiple lines to fit within one page width

3. Can't re-paginate - a real inconvenience

4. Can't add a second axis on an XY plot

5. Vector field plots are not supported

6. Can't label the XYZ axes on a 3d plot - makes it hard to tell which axis is which

7. Right clicking a math region does not bring up a drop-down menu with cut and paste

8. Limited formatting opition for anything but text regions

9. No spell checking

10. Can't create an X-Y plot where the X-axis goes from a positive value to a negative value, left to right

11. Can't turn on grid lines on a X-Y plot

12. Can't label the axes on an X-Y plot

13. Lack of color gradient on the surface of a surface plot

14. No "Align Across" and "Align Down"

New things I like about Mathcad 2.0

1. Scrolling with the mouse wheel works much better - more distance per turn

2. Displaying units on graphs after the variable rather than having to divide by the units

3. Unit checking even when the value is zero

4. Organization and ease of use of the tools on the ribbon rather than the older drop-down menus and tool bars

5. The ability to see the document scroll when dragging the scroll bar tab

6. The nice look of the plots

7. "Add Page" and "Remove Space" tools


How about a seamless file converter integrated into Prime 4.0 that opens MC15 files with no further editing from the user and including all features of MC15 as a bare minimum.

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