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logical programing

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logical programing

Hi ! any one can help me how to use a logical programing?

for example

if F< FR "safe ;Fail "

The program will read either safe or Fail

Sad to say I just a new user in MAth CAD and have a bit of knowledge in Exel spreadsheet only

24-Ruby III

You can do it as in Excel: IF(a>b, True, False)


Thank you for the quick response

I type FR>Fa428,"true","false"=

the logical formula are visible how to hide it? How can I make the result will appear only in my report ?

24-Ruby I

You can insert "Collapsible Area" (in main menu select "Document" -> "Area"):


24-Ruby V

We had more possibilities to do what you demand with Mathcad 15 (symbolic eval with hidden left hand side; user defined styles like white on white; scripted text boxes,..) but the only solution in Prime I can think of is to assign the result to a variable (in a collapsed area, as Vladimir suggested; unlike in MC15 we cannot hide the area completely) and evaluate that variable below.


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