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First challenge entry


First challenge entry

Shading a complex region in StudyWorks.


I'm not quite satisfied. 😉

First, an aesthetic comment, change the settings of trace #7 to "dot" and "draw". I think it looks cooler. Maybe not... It is subject to one's own opinion.

Second, you seem to have KNOWN (almost as if by magic) where the chart limits should be. Can you generalize the chart limits to show the desired region?

I would guess that you have to solve all the intersection and pick the greatest in four directions.

Careful! Some pairs don't have intersections. Worse yet, an existing intersection could be very far from the desired shaded region.

Third, WOW!

Maybe something like this.

BTW, I am the first to admit that it is far easier to add to someone else's work than it is to start from scratch.

Let me reiterate my point #3 from the last posting.

3) WOW! You do good work, my friend.

Just for the record, I am aware that the square root of two and the Pythagorean theorem are only arbitrary assignments.

Certainly not every interesting region will be near the origin, as I have assumed.

If you can find something logically motivated, I will gladly embrace it on your suggestion.

please explain better

The files we are posting are somewhat advanced in their usage of StudyWorks. On mine (the original post), created a grid of points and removed the points that didn't meet the shading requirements. I had a user-specified region in the graph. Nathan (a later post) used some advanced techniques to try his hand at suggesting a "recommended" region to view. I am sure we could explain our respective files further if necessary.


The StudyWorks Challenge is an opportunity for students to show what they can do with StudyWorks. See the challenge posted at under Just for Fun. The first two challenges are to make interesting 2D and 3D graphs with StudyWorks, and we'll post your entries on the web site. Craig has been using StudyWorks for a few years now, so don't let his entry intimidate you. We'd like to see what other students can do too. Just post your entries in this forum.


i dont get it

On 8/22/2003 8:49:38 PM, spongebob_gurl90 wrote:
>i dont get it

Do you own a copy of Studyworks? If so, you can download the files mentioned and see what they look like and how they were created.