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SOAP XML Parsing


SOAP XML Parsing


Could some one help me in parsing below soap response while calling service:

<infasoapns:Envelope xmlns:infasoapns="" xmlns:infawsdlns="" xmlns:tns="">












How can i get values or store into infotable. Any help would be appreciated.



Re: SOAP XML Parsing


     Can you show me the service that you've made in order to obtain the values from the SOAP?

     Basically you'll need to create a service in which you will set the BaseType in the Inputs/Outputs tab to be InfoTable(you may need to set a DataShape for your parameters) and the infotable Type should be Just Infotable, but first I would like to see the service that you have created for this.


Thank you,


Re: SOAP XML Parsing

Hi Rajesh,

did you see this posting: Regarding SOAP based Webservice Call​ and specifically the answer from Pai Chung. It points out how the XML that is returned by a SOAP call can be easily parsed with E4X. You can also use for loops with it, e.g. (based on Pai's example):

// this is what Pai referred to:

// var itemKey = xmlDoc.::Body.::GetTopTenPartsResponse.::GetTopTenPartsResult.::JsonRecord.::item.::key.*::string;

// let's assume GetTopTenPartsResult has multiple JsonRecord sub-elements then your code could look like the following:

//initialize your infotable

var myInfoTable = ...;

for each (var entry in xmlDoc.::Body.::GetTopTenPartsResponse.::GetTopTenPartsResult){

     var itemKey = entry.::JsonRecord.::item.::key.*::string;

     // now use this value with an object for an InfoTable row:

     var newRow = new Object();


     // ... assign other values from XML to object properties



var result = myInfoTable;

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