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Smart Grid


Smart Grid

Hi Very nice time to meet you,

             I am looking about The ThingWorx site in markets place smart grid, So I am rise the following doubt are followed by,


1. Is it possible to the smart grid based IOT in the area of power management ?,

2. That is possible mean, In that ThingWorx site have been any specific platform is there to connect the smart grid over the ThingWorx site ?,

If it have any the implemented smart grid based IOT  platform is there mean, please Intimate to me.

                                  Thank you


Re: Smart Grid

Mihai, Veronica <>Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 1:54 PM

To: Karvanthan V <>

Cc: "Otel, Ciprian" <>

Hi Karvanthan,

Thank you for your message. It’s nice to meet you too. I have not yet worked directly with any ThingWorx smart grid projects, but it definetly is possible to achieve this by monitoring your power network with sensors that send data to ThingWorx.

Here is a blog article describing smart grids

You may want to look into integrating Axeda and Kepware with ThingWorx since these products offer more flexibility and efficiency in the industrial fields.

I hope this information is helpful to you. You can also post your questions on the community forums to find out how our customers have used ThingWorx in this area. If you don’t have an account on the community yet you can create one free of charge by filling in this form.

Thank you,


Veronica MIHAI

IoT Academic Application Engineer Associate

319 Splaiul  Independentei,

RiverView House, 8th Floor,

060044 Bucharest, Romania

+40 31 225 5454