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Community Ideas

Community Manager

Community Ideas

Hi, Everyone,


I am excited to tell you about the renewed focus on reviewing "Community Ideas" in the PTC Community.  Your community team has been meeting with the PTC product managers over the last few weeks to review what we have in the existing PTC Community Idea boards so we can properly address some of the ideas that have not been addressed over the last year.  You may see some members of the "Community  Management Team" assist in changing the initial status  on the ideas.  When we change an idea status on behalf of the Product Management Team, it means that idea has met the criteria for the "status" selected (internal measurement with PTC Product Roadmaps in mind).  Your community manager is scheduling  regular meetings with the PTC Management Team to review the idea process. We love your participation in our PTC Community Ideas, and we need to do a better job showing you that we are listening!


The "Windchill Ideas" board is a great example of how all of the idea boards will function. 


Here is an explanation of what these idea statuses mean to you a PTC Customer/PTC Community Member:


New Idea: We are waiting for more votes and community feedback.

Acknowledged: PTC has received your idea. We are waiting for more votes and community feedback.

Under Consideration:  We are waiting for more votes, but this idea is under next stage of review by our Product Management Team.

Current Functionality: This functionality is already in the product today. 

Duplicate:This idea has already been submitted.

Implementation in Progress:  This idea will be in a future release.

No Plans to Implement:  This enhancement request does not meet the product roadmap strategy.

Delivered: This idea is now implemented in our latest release of the product!


Thank you for your patience as we work through these changes for all the Community idea boards. 


 Ever so grateful,


Jaime Lee

Your Community MGR




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