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Electric Circuits 1 and II. Part 3D.


Electric Circuits 1 and II. Part 3D.

Final Part to the prerequisite studies for Laplace Transforms In Electric Circuits.


RLC Higher Order Circuits Continuing Notes And Solved Examples and Problems.


Section 1: Introduction To Operational Amplifier (Op Amp) circuits.


I. Several parts of chapters 2, and 3 from Coughlin and Driscoll Op Amp Textbook.
Providing notes and solved examples to build the knowledge before entering
Schaums topics on Opamps. Often using the examples from Coughlin and Driscoll
to assist elsewhere in Schaums Op Amp topics.


II. Schaums:

1. Amplifier model
2. Feedback in amplifier circuits
3. Operational amplifiers
4. Analysis of circuits containing ideal Op Amps
5. Inverting Op Amp
6. Summing circuit
7. Non-inverting circuits
8. Voltage follower
9. Differential and difference amplifiers
10. Circuits containing several Op Amps

Followed by a sample Op Amp circuit called Servo Amplifier to build interest in Op Amps from Coughlin and Driscoll's textbook.


Section 2: Operational Amplifier (Op Amp) circuits.


I. Schaums:

11. Integrator and differentiator circuits
12. Analog computers
13. Low-pass filter
14. Decibel (dB)
15. Real Op Amp
16. A simple Op Amp model
17. Comparator (Briefly)
18. Flash analog to digital converter not on notes rather an example related to
analog to digital converter was solved in Section 3.


Section 3: Fully solving partially solved examples, partially solved problems, and
supplementary problems.


Problems are related to Op Amp circuits.

Primarily the topics covered in Schaums.

Purpose is toget an understanding on how to approach solving Op Amp Active circuits. These are circuits with Op Amp and R L and C components.

There is a special topic covered from Chapter 7 of 4th edition of Hyat and Kemmerly the topic is on The Lossless LC Circuit from section 7-8. This topic is relevant to RLC studies.


Section 4:


1. Engineering Circuit Analysis Hyat and Kemmerly 4th Edition:
Section 13-8: A Technique For Synthesizing The Voltage Ratio H(s) = Vout / Vin.

2. Schaums: Magnitude scaling

3. Schaums: Frequency scaling

4. Schaums: Higher order active circuits

Relevant 'partially solved examples, problems and supplementary problems' were solved. Electric Circuits textbooks have additional problems which can be worked on as required.


This is the last part of the series of parts starting from Part 1A.


Apologies for any errors and omissions.





Karl Bogha.



Accepted Solutions

Thanks Karl,

I've sorted out the band pass filter, its sorted now. I'll have a look at the previous pdfs.

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Hi mate,

Thanks for this!

I am looking to design a Butterworth high order(say 5th order) band pass filter. Where can I find a book pdf on this and also where do I find the previous parts of the pdf notes you provided?

You may be able to get the previous files by clicking on my name below the file. That had in the past led to previous files uploaded by the party.  You can scroll down the Electrical Engineering group and find it there. It maybe a while to pick up all the files. Else if thats not suitable maybe checking my profile may lead to my uploads.


With regards to the 5th order band pass filter? I suggest you put up a question on the electrical engineering group. 


I can lead you to a text book on Filter design on Amazon but I may not personally have used it.

Signals Processing textbook have the introduction to the material. B P Lathi has a good signal processing textbook. Its thick but detailed. I don't advice it if you're looking for something quick.












Thanks Karl,

I've sorted out the band pass filter, its sorted now. I'll have a look at the previous pdfs.

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