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Electric Circuits I. (Part 3A and 3B).


Electric Circuits I. (Part 3A and 3B).

Continuing from Part 2-B, this is Part 3 - A. This file starts on the basics. Some discussions, and examples. Answers are there. May not be as in depth as most students like. So refer to your engineering mathematics textbook. Completed a few examples problems and plots to get a general understanding on this subject matter. Please refer to electrical engineering textbook used in college of engineering or pick one of the shelf.

Schaums Chapter 8 Contents Covered in Part 3A:
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Series RLC circuit
8.3 Parallel RLC circuit
8.4 Two-Mesh circuit
8.5 Complex frequency


Continuing with Part 3B.
Schaums Chapter 8 Contents Covered:
8.5 Complex frequency
8.6 Generalised impedance (R L C) in s-domain.
8.7 Network function and pole zero plots.
8.8 The forced function.
8.9 The natural response.

Several Sections From Engineering Circuit Analysis 4th edition, Hyat and Kemmerly.

13.5 Frequency response as a function of sigma.
13.6 The complex-frequency plane.
13.7 Natural response and the s-plane.


Resources: Complex Frequency study material assisted thru Engineering Circuit Analysis Hyat and Kemmerly.

Schaums Electric Circuits 4th edition Nahvi and Edminister.


To be followed by Part C.

Apologies for any errors and omissions.

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