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MathCAD 15 & Excel 2013 interaction problems


MathCAD 15 & Excel 2013 interaction problems

Hello MathCAD Comunity!

The company I work for are having serious issues when combining MathCAD 15 with Excel 2013.

We use excel components for various tasks throughout our MathCAD files as follows:

  • Section Titles, (excel components used to display title headings, allowing the numbering to be automatically updated)
  • Figure Labelling, (excel components used to display figure labels)
  • Excel components used to display ‘Utilisation Ratio’ (calculation that shows calculated values versus allowable values, ratio is then displayed as a value, less than 1 = pass, more than 1 = fail.)
  • Excel Tables used to allow numerous Utilisation ratios to be displayed together for comparison.

We have numerous problems which I will list below however on the whole they can be described as making mathCAD at best unresponsive and at worst unstable to the extent that doing any work become nearly impossible. The most frustrating point is that PCs with previous versions of excel installed work absolutely fine.

The specific issues are as follows:

  • MathCAD is very slow to react with many basic functions (copy / past, save, open, performing calculations etc.)
  • Often when opening a MathCAD file, excel automatically opens up then tries to open each of the individual excel components as individual files.
  • Upon closing MathCAD, the user is prompted with a warning ‘Excel has had a fatal error and must close’, saving is not possible and all work is lost.
  • On occasion the computer behaves very slowly, then entire screen blacks out!

These issues are causing serious problems with our ability to complete projects on time, any advice or possible solutions to these problems would be VERY MUCH appreciated.

Andy Bilsborrow


For reference the offending PCs are using MS Office Home and Business 2013 – Version 15.0.4551.1512

Various datecodes of MathCAD are in use including (M030 [MC15_M030_20131216])

Mathcad 15 supports Excel 2007 and earlier versions of Excel, but I do not believe it has been tested for Excel 2013.

Unfortunately I believe you will continue to run into trouble trying to get Excel 2013 and Mathcad 15 to work in harmony.

The Excel addin is/was written by mathcad employees, rather than PTC corporate.

I've had it confirmed that it (the add-in) does not work with Excell 2010 (and Mathcad 15)


Thank you both for your quick response.

I had a feeling the issue would end up along those lines, looks like we may have to find a different solution.


Go back to office 2007

Go back to office 2007 - that would be ideal!

Unfortunately from what I understand (not really my area) we are not able to retrograde our machines to previous versions of office. In some ways it's a pity, the few laptops around running older version of office are becoming a bit of a commodity!

Our company is about to roll out office 2013, which is going to cause great pain. Hopefully Prime 4.0 can be the solution.

On the whole I've enjoyed office 2013 once once I found all the buttons again, the MathCAD issue on the other hand has been a real problem, increasingly so as more upgrade office. I'd be interested to know how you get on with Prime, we considered it some time ago (before I joined) and it lacked some functionality, I am wondering if these functions have been included and our excel issues could be resolved?

I currently use Prime 3.0 and it is still missing key features from M15, which will hopefully be included in Prime 4.0. People have reported issues when converting worksheets, so you might also have issues if you have complex worksheets.

I believe Prime 4.0 will be compatible with the latest versions of Excel.


Mathcad 15_M010 works very well with excel 2010

Check out the latest
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"PTC Mathcad 15 / Prime 1-6 Update."