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PTC IdeaSite event conclusions summary


PTC IdeaSite event conclusions summary

PTC/USER Members

As of April 1, 2009, PTC successfully concluded the four IdeaSite events
that were kicked off in mid-February. After running the events for 3
weeks and then spending 2 weeks reviewing the results, PTC is now ready
to share the conclusions drawn from these ideation campaigns. The
entire experience, a first of this type for us in gathering and
discussing feedback for future product directions, has proven to be a
successful. We have found it to be a valuable method of communication
with us here at PTC. Much was learned by the Product Management team
and many of the ideas generated by these events will be put in to
products we are building right now!

To find the event results for:

1. Product Cost Management

2. Mathcad - Pro/E Interoperability

3. Windchill System Monitoring

4. Conceptual Engineering

Please see the attached conclusion documents.

For those of you who participated, we want to thank you for your
involvement and valuable contributions. For those of you who did not
participate this time, we will be running more ideation events in the
future where you can get involved. It is you - our active and concerned
PTC user community - that is helping drive our mutual success. We look
forward to more collaboration like this in the months and years to come.


David Blair

(on behalf of the PTC Product Management Team)

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