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PTC Mathcad Prime Worksheets Directory - Chemical Engineering


PTC Mathcad Prime Worksheets Directory - Chemical Engineering

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Worksheet nameDescription
Balancing the pH Balance and Composition of Two Chemical SolutionsThis worksheet first lists the equations necessary including the mass balance on Na and the charge balance. Next the worksheet identifies the proton condition and lists the terms of the given and unknown elements. Next, the worksheet shows how you can define Na as the solution of the solve block and identify the independent variable.
Calculating Water Amount for Borehole DrillingThis worksheet finds the particular amount of water in the air on an air drilling operation from thermodynamics, to be injected.
Using Henry's Law and Solve Blocks in Chemistry and Environmental EngineeringThis worksheet is used to solve 6 equations 100 times and then plot each species as a function of the overlying partial pressure of H₂S, and determine how the H₂S partitions between the liquid and gas phases.
Using PTC Mathcad for Water Chemistry Problems
This worksheet using PTC Mathcad helps you to determine the composition and pH of water saturated with calcite and subject to a range of CO2 partial pressures.
Quantum harmonic oscillator

Consider a quantum mechanical harmonic oscillator of reduced mass μ and spring constant k

oscillating at its fundamental frequency ν.

Henry's Law constant

The vapor pressure (PA) of acetone in a mixture of acetone and chloroform was measured at 35°C as a function of the mole fraction of acetone (xA). Calculate the Henry's law constant for acetone.

Chemical and Process Plan EngineeringThis collection of 25 worksheets is divided into two sections: Chemical Engineering and Process Plant Engineering. The worksheets give example calculations for Chemical and Process Plant Engineering such as physical process balance, energy loss and savings, design for steam lines and pressure vessels, and other such areas.
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