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Setting up a MathCAD Licence Server


Setting up a MathCAD Licence Server


I have had to move the licence server for MathCAD to a new server.

I have a reconfigured licence that should work on the server but I do not know how to install the licence server itself.

I was advised to download the MathCAD 15 licence server installation, which I did, and then added the licence.

However, the vendor daemon is now 'ptc_d', whereas my MathCAD clients are looking for a vendor daemon of 'mathsoft'.

Is there a setting I can change on my MathCAD clients to look for the ptc_d vendor daemon instead of the mathsoft one. Or is there something I can do on the licence server side.

Any help much appreciated.



23-Emerald IV

Is it in your distribution package (for Mathcad 13) not have the license manager?

Sadly we no longer have the CD, only the MathCAD install (which was packaged to be deployed by SCCM).

Thanks for trying to help though.

Did you already contact PTC support? They should be able to provide the necessary vendor daemon mathsoft.exe.

You can lookup the felxlm server(s) Mathcad is listening to in the registry of the host (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mathsoft\Mathcad 13\FLEXlm), but I don't think you can change the name of the vendor daemon.

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