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damaged file

Re: damaged file

Is there a soft copy (pdf) of the user guide in one of your Mathcad directories? I know there is, by default, for Mathcad 11 and later.


Re: damaged file

Hi Carlos,

There is no User's Guide or Reference Guide in electronic form (like .PDF or so), a User's Guide (or so) did exist in paper; don;'t know about a (separate?) Reference Guide.

There are, as MathCad HandBooks (*.HBK and associated directories) located in the directory "..Mathsoft\Mathcad\Handbook":

- MathSoft Desktop Reference

- MathSoft Electronic Book Sampler

- The Mathcad Tutorial

These handbooks open also from the Mathcad menu, by choosing respectively:

Books> Desktop Reference

Books> Sampler

Books> Tutorial

Then there are Help files (*.HLP) located in the directory:





These open from the Mathcad menu, by choosing respectively:

Help> Index

Help> Keyboad

Help> Technical Support

There's also a menu entry Help> QuickSheets...

that takes you to the collection of QickSheets; and of course there is a Help> About

Then there is a Help> Using Help... that requires an old Win32 component, which is not available in my Win7 setup, so it doesn't function.

What are you missing?


Re: damaged file

Dear LucMeeKes,

I am trying to find pack complete of the Mathcad Plus 6 Edition Professional, in second hand, to catch user's guide.

If you find any package let me know.


Re: damaged file


Please check your private messages inbox.

Re: damaged file

Dear VladimirN,

A thousand thanks. In the accident I have not lost the sofware only I lost the user's guide and reference guide that were destroyed by fire.

This is why I continue in the pursuit of a MathCad plus 6 Professional Edition USER's GUIDE and the REFERENCE GUIDE, new, used or digital format.

Once again, thank you.



Re: damaged file

Please find it in attachment.