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frame color

frame color

Is it possible to keep the colors chosen for the expressions to frame?
To every launching of Mathcad V11, it is necessary to redefine them!
Thank you for help.

frame color

On 5/15/2004 2:12:50 PM, Williot wrote:
>Is it possible to keep the
>colors chosen for the
>expressions to frame?
>To every launching of Mathcad
>V11, it is necessary to
>redefine them!
>Thank you for help.

Not very clear.

Mathcad conserves the highlighted regions.
That was not your question, is it ?

But: if you copy something defined as user,
and paste in an other sheet, then it does
not conserve attributes (color, font, plain/bold)

However, the pasted elements conserve the:
user1, user2, user3 ....

I just opened a sheet with bold user ... OK.

Many other sheets don't conserve: bold, Times New Roman ...
Annoying, but the spoiled work sheet works fine.

That's not too bad.

Mathcad 11.2a has conserved a catastrophic bug,
which is:
once in a while Mathcad wipes out an input table.
It zaps the data set in the blue ! YES IT DOES.

Important work sheets (for clients...) should
have the data set stored in *prn file.
as well as backup all work on CD.


frame color

Thank you for your answer.

Excuse for my English of very bad quality.
I specify my question.

To every new session of "Matcad V11 Education", ("OFF / ON" of the computer) and after the opening of a new NORMAL Model document.
The menu PROPERTIES / ZONE en SURBRILLANCE / CHOIX COULEURS / gives an access to the 16 personalized colors. The chosen colors are all reset to the WHITE.
Do a means exist to predefine them in the NORMAL model in order to not to have to redefine them?

I tried to modify the NORMAL.MCT model while predefining the colors but it doesn't function!

Thank you for help

frame color

Mathcad Education... what that is ?
and the french version ...

Make a *.gif of a single page of something that
describes your problem. I'm volunteer to reconstruct
on real Mathcad, to check about your problem.

You can mail me a work sheet, make an obvious
reference, like "Williot for jmG Mathcad".

La Belle Province est bilingue !


frame color


The problem is precisely the same that the one of "Baxterp."

1�) to Create a new sheet

2�) to Define some colors

3�) to Save the sheet.

4�) to Close MATHCAD completely.


5�) to Execute MATHCAD

6�) to Open the protected sheet. The colorful zone has been protected well BUT....

7�) The predefined colors disappeared!

It misses the safeguard of the chosen colors!,12e#36535 shows that himself problem doesn't have a solution. Thank you for your answers.

Bonjour � l'habitant de la magnifique "province" de ...

Le probl�me est exactement le m�me que celui de "Baxterp".

1�) Cr�er une nouvelle feuille

2�) Definir des couleurs

3�) Sauvegarde de la feuille.

4�) Fermer totalement MATHCAD.


5�) LANCER une nouvelle session de MATHCAD

6�) Ouvrir la feuille sauvegard�e. La zone color�e a bien �t� sauv�e MAIS....

7�) Les couleurs pr�d�finies ont disparues!

Il manque la sauvegarde des couleurs choisies!

M�me en cr�ant une feulle MODELE (mct), les couleurs pr�d�finies ne sont pas sauv�es! Il faut recommencer le travail � chaque fois afin de garder la m�me qualit� de pr�sentation! C'est tr�s p�nible.,12e#36535 montre que se probl�me n'a pas de solution. Merci pour vos r�ponses.

frame color

I'm still hoping this gets fixed in a future release.

Interesting that you can set a custom DEFAULT highlight color for regions, and when you open a new session of MathCAD you will still get that custom color as the default. But any other custom color definitions are lost.


frame color

On 5/20/2004 12:33:28 PM, baxterp wrote:
>I'm still hoping this gets
>fixed in a future release.
>Interesting that you can set a
>custom DEFAULT highlight color
>for regions, and when you open
>a new session of MathCAD you
>will still get that custom
>color as the default. But any
>other custom color definitions
>are lost.

I hope they don't waste time on that... why ?
because you may use about 2, 3 personal highlight,
and occasionally.
Between saved highlight and none , my choice is NONE !

Highlight does not replace words, picture, neither the maths.


Re: frame color

How to restore a custom colour

Click in the box that contains the custom colour

Right click, select properties

In the properties window, (highlight region should be ticked), click, choose color

The custom colour boxes will be empty (white),

however click, define custom colors. The colour of the box you initially clicked in will be displayed on the right,

click, add to custom colors, and your custom colour will be restored. Click ok, then ok to exit

You can repeat this for each of your custom colours

As the poster says they are not saved directly when you quit


Re: frame color

Did you realise that this post is more than 10 years old?


frame color

The short answer is that you can't save the custom colors. The long answer is here:,12e#36535