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looking for your ideas... introducing PTC IdeaSite


looking for your ideas... introducing PTC IdeaSite

PTC/USER Members -

On behalf of PTC, I would like to invite you to participate in a new
initiative aimed at improving PTC's product roadmap. This initiative is
endorsed by PTC/USER and has already been piloted by the PTC/USER
Technical Committees during the month of January. PTC is now ready to
go live more broadly and is looking forward to harnessing the great
ideas of the PTC software user social network.

Introducing PTC IdeaSite:

PTC's Product Management team is excited to announce the launch of
IdeaSite. IdeaSite is a Web 2.0 platform for idea management that will
enable PTC to gather better feedback about products and initiatives in a
collaborative and targeted fashion. It is a new tool and process that
allows the collective community to identify and promote the best ideas
that PTC should consider for future products.

Launch Events:

The first set of events will run from February 18, 2009 until March 13,
2009. There are four events and you are welcome to participate in as
many of them as you would like. We hope you will actively participate.
The events are as follows:

1. Product Cost Management

This new module will allow you to provide and track cost estimates for
both individual parts and rolled-up costs during product development.
Join this event to share your thoughts and ideas.

2. Mathcad - Pro/E Interoperability
We want to improve how Mathcad and Pro/ENGINEER work together. Join this
event to share your ideas, feedback and current struggles.

3. Windchill System Monitoring

We want to make it easier for you to monitor and troubleshoot the health
of your Windchill system. Join this event to share your ideas and
thoughts on how we can best do this.

4. Conceptual Engineering

We're building a new product that will unite the best of 2D and 3D CAD
in one product, but we want your feedback on our plans first! Join this
event to help us prioritize and refine our vision for our new Conceptual
Engineering product.

The information and ideas gathered will help us better target our
efforts and will be incorporated into software actively being developed.
IdeaSite is a collaborative tool, so don't worry if you don't have any
ideas. We'd still appreciate you going into the event to help build on
other people's ideas with your comments and star-ratings.

Instructional Materials:

Once you self register (see below) and have access to IdeaSite, you will
come into the portal landing page. On this page you will see the 4
events that are running, an introductory message from our executive
sponsor, and some help information. I encourage you to view the
Guidelines document and How to Videos in the lower left help section of
the portal page.

Access IdeaSite:

To participate, you first have to click on the link below to
self-register for an account. Don't forget to make a note of your login
information. Once you've self-registered, you will be sent a
confirmation e-mail with a link to the IdeaSite portal page. Click on
the link, enter your User Name and password, and then you'll see the
four launch events on the PTC IdeaSite portal, ready for your


How does this integrate with enhancement requests? Are enhancement
requests going away?

5-Regular Member

Chris -

We're considering the future of the existing Enhancement Request tool.
Part of our consideration is how much more effective a tool like
IdeaSite can be for engaging with the hundreds of thousands of users of
our software.

So, the short answer is, NO, Enhancement Requests are not going away.
In fact, we're trying to make them more effective for both you - as a
requestor - and for PTC to act upon them.

Thanks for the question, and we're looking forward to your feedback on

~ Mike

Michael M. Campbell

SVP Product Management, Desktop Products


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