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5-Axis Training


5-Axis Training

Dear All

Does anybody know of a real expert in using PTC's 5-axis machining who can
give some advanced training to one of our customers. He has done standard
web training and is using 3-axis, but is looking to upgrade to 5-axis, but
wants to know that he can get 5-axis training from an expert who really
knows his stuff in 5-axis machining, i.e. has used it a lot, not just
delivered or received the standard training course. The type of person
needed, is probably someone in a customer or reseller who is using it every
day to do real machining jobs and really knows its foibles and how to get
around them. The standard course does not cover it. He is based in the UK,
but would be willing to travel to Europe or even the USA if the right person
could be found. our customer is using Wildfire 2.0 and would be prepared to
pay for this training, though I don't know how much.


Ray Ellender
Elite Consulting
+44 (0)1604 621221

Dear mr Ellender,

I represent a company called Mellon Technology, based in Sweden. We are a
rather small but cutting edge company with 2 rather diversified businuess
areas; Manufacturing (With focus on multiaxis, complex geometry and extreme
tolerances) and Consulting in Manufacturing Technology. We bring theese two
areas close by utilizing knowhow from both of them to benefit eachother in
our day to day work.

I find your inquiry to be most interesting, though I usually never answer
posts on this list with a commercial purpose. Me doing so this time is
because this interests me since it's more outside the box and without the
'usual' course material. This is a setup(more like a workshop) which I have
used a number of times with customers since 1) It's efficient and focus on
only the areas the customer is intersted in and 2) Ordinary PTC course
material does not cover 5 axis machining.

The person I consider for this is myself. I'm the Managing Director of
Mellon Technology, and I use Pro/NC on a daily basis(small company). I have
worked with Mellon and ProE since 1999 and have also held numerous courses
with different customers for PTC. We market our own postprocessors (built
from scratch in C++) which have it's largest market in advanced multiaxis
applications such as specialized mills or laser machines, so we also have a
firm grasp of the real world kinematics of 5 axis machining.

For above reasons, I guess you can describe me as an expert in the field of
5 axis machining and our competence in Postprocessors takes it one step
further yet.

Should you find this interesting to pursue pls contact me for a more
detailed description of my competences.

Best regards, Jonas Christoffersson
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