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Customer Support - Summary


Customer Support - Summary

My original question was do you get good support from the hotline and
has it changed since support was moved to India.

I received 7 replies and it was split 6 to 1. Most are frustrated at
the support they get, most saying it is a black hole. One person
mentioned an experience similar to mine. Write a description. Get a
call that reads you your description and asks questions until the help
person understands exactly what was already in the description. Then

The one person that has experienced good support (like I used to enjoy)
gets his support out of Boston.

About 3 months ago I had a particularly bad experience where I got my
local Applications Engineer and Sales Rep involved. I got to speak to a
help person in Boston who was no help. I then got a call from a
supervisor who assured me that all their people get the same training
and thus give the same high quality support. She inferred that cost was
not an issue when deciding to move some of the support operations to
India. I didn't buy her story.

John H. Durrant
ATK Thiokol Propulsion
Pro/E Wildfire
(435) 863-6135

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