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Free Hands On Prismatic Milling Seminar


Free Hands On Prismatic Milling Seminar

Prismatic Milling Hands-On Seminar Topics

The seminar will be held at the Sequoia Etcetera training center located at 1200 E Copeland Rd, Suite 406, Arlington, TX 76011 on August 17, 2005 with four time slots available.

Time Slot Availability

pardon me for adding a slightly off-topic thread, but can someone define "prismatic milling" for me?


Thanx for all the replies. Someone requested a summary so here it is. They're all pretty much the same though.


Definition #1 (My favorite):

It is a buzzword (created by someone apparently unfamiliar with the shape of
a prism) applied to milling simple parts with only vertical and horizontal

Definition #2:

I always thought it to be flat or normal surface machining... Face milling,
profiling, pocketing and the like. Drilling, counterboring, boring and
tapping would be included. Multi-side machining (as in tilting rotary table
indexing) would be included provided it is positioning only, not
interpolated. Essentially anything that does not involve 4 or more axis
interpolation... No fancy surfacing like in die work or impeller/turbine
blade machining.

Definition #3:

Any form of milling where the tool axis remains stationary
during the cut. This is not the same as 2 1/2D machining,
which adds an additional restriction that the cutting plane
be perpendicular to the axis of the tool.

Note that prismatic and 2 1/2D machining are also applicable
to machines with rotary tables and/or heads. In this case,
the rotary axes are oriented during RAPID (G00) motions, and
stay stationary during cutting (G01) motions.

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