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How to get started as CAD Sys Admin?


How to get started as CAD Sys Admin?

Hi there,

My company will be sending me soon to CAD Sys. Admin training. We have used outside consultants so far, and my company would like to now support me in my pursuit to become our dedicated onsite sys. admin.

Could you tell me how you got started as a CAD Sys Admin and what training you would recommend?

I've had some exposure the past few months in working with some CAD admin issues - but definately need training!

I know I need more computer training as well before jumping into the CAD admin training. Our I.S. managers recommended that I start by taking the A+ certification training - or something similar. What do you think about that? Or are there other training courses you would suggest?

I'd love to hear your input!

Thank you,

Hi Kelly,

First you find a 800 pound gorilla to hit you with a baseball bat until you
are used to it.
Then you surrender your soul and all hope of advancement.
Then you inject your face with Botox until you remove your ability to look
Then learn to repeat the phrase "I'll get right on that," calmly and
Then make sure you don't tell anyone how easy or complex your job is... it
needs to be kept a secret.
If you ever run out of things to do, grab a clipboard and rush around the
building looking stressed out.
Every once in a while, while you are administrating, shout out some curse
words and try to muffle them half way through.
Price a new server online, and have the quote on hand at all times to bug
the money man with.
Everything else is just details. Refer to past postings. Feel free to post
some more.

Then you will be ready young administrator 🙂

But seriously, find a good Intralink Admin book and make some online
Everyone thinks it's harder than it really is.

Best regards,

Frederick W. Burke III
Mechanical Design Engineer
ISE Corporation
7345 Mission Gorge Road, Suite K
San Diego, California 92120
(619) 287-8785 x-151
5-Regular Member

Touché Frederick,

The hardest part is trying to convince the management and users to:
* Change the way they are doing things.
* Follow policy and procedures.
* If they refuse to follow policy at least do things the same way
every time.
* Never getting praise when everything runs smoothly.
* Getting blasted when thing foul-up, usually because users bypass
policy (work outside of Intralink is a good one).

Kevin Brault
Sharp Technologies