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MDO training...


MDO training...

Anyone know of any MDO training? I would really like to start taking advantage of this in my work, but it's not clear how to proceed. I already do tons of kinematic studies, so I'm very familiar with mechanism design. Now I want to take the logical step and extend this to dynamic studies. Training would great but a book might also help. Is there a Help Topic? We are using 2001, but I suppose even a WF guide would get me started. Thanks...

Paul Korenkiewicz
Senior Design Engineer
FEV Engine Technology


Hi Paul,

PTC a few sources for information and training that might be interest

First, we have a short, getting started tutorial at the end of each
Pro/ENGINEER Help Center chapter for MDX, MDO and DAO. These tutorials
are included with Pro/E and have the models you need to do the

Second, we have full training classes available in PTCU, specifically the courses titled:

* Mechanism Design and Dynamics with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0
* Mechanism Design Option (2001)

Third, we have a recorded demo in our Educational Resource Library >

And finally, Technical Support has an outstanding MDX & MDO Central
Resource Page >

with links to Suggested Techniques, FAQs and much more!

Kind Regards,


Ric Leeds
Product Manager

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