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Microsoft Secuity Patch = WF2 Browser stop working


Microsoft Secuity Patch = WF2 Browser stop working

I have a machine that is being used to train an individual using PTC university. Somehow, first thing this morning, the WF browser will not connect to any webpage on the internet. It will still pull html from local drives. Yet I can open Microsoft internet explorer and connect to any site. The training individual happens to be one of those "difficult to train" people, making this a bigger problem. Tech support said there was some big issue today with a microsoft security update affecting PTC software. Here's the link.
<http:" support=" 1181505=" system_notice.html=">
<http:" cs=" doc=" 1181505.htm=">

My problem is the browser not working in general, not the symptoms described here.
To my knowledge no updates were run on this machine. I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue, and/or had any trouble with the update situation with Microsoft today.

PTC sent out a notice last week regarding microsoft's latest folly on their
internet explorer security patches and Windchill/Intralink 8 issues.
Here's part of the notice:

Affected Releases:
This issue may affect all releases of Windchill and Windchill-based
solutions, including but not limited to Windchill PDMLink, Windchill
ProjectLink, Windchill Foundation & PDM, Windchill DynamicDesignLink, and
Pro/INTRALINK 8.0 and higher.

They have a couple of patches to download on their site, but the one for
Windchill/Intralink 8 isn't available yet. That one would probably fix the
problem you're having with Wildfire. I disabled our updates for engineering
over the weekend and we've had no problems today.

John Neilson
CMC of Georgia
Engineering Dept.