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Hello fellow Pro/Uses.

jumping on soap box.

I first want to start with this quote from the PTC website.

"At PTC, we recognize that the needs of every company -- and every user --
are unique. That's why we complement our leading technology with an
extensive range of training options. For companies looking to cost
effectively boost user skills and productivity -- and for users wanting the
convenience of on-demand training -- PTC University provides the right

Looks like the first class they need to offer in PTC University is. How to
find PTC University at or maybe they should take a coarse on how
to create a website that is actually user friendly.

Is it just me or does PTC have one of the worst sites ever created. Are
you listening PTC. I have asked 6 of my users to find PTC University at and no one succeeded. I have paid for a class. It's sitting there
waiting for me in some University inside of the website, but you
can't access it easily or in my case, AT ALL.

I actually went into the Training Services section and clicked on the link.
"Learn more about PTC University" and there is no link to the actual
University. In Fact. that section talks about Pro/Ficiency.

This has to be one of the top worst sites I have ever seen. They need to
take their Wildfire approach to their entire website. It needs to be
overhauled. I will like to ask you guys for some help here.

Go to and let me know if you can find PTC University and if you
do. Could you try to remember the click it took to get you there. Talk
about the worst user community available for users who pay for subscription
services that gives us tools and resources we can use. This is ridiculous.
It's not just finding PTC University. Just try to navigate around the site
and see how it's basically useless. It's like reading a newspaper and
pages are falling to the ground and you don't know what page started first
or last and you folded it incorrectly. It's sad.

jumping off soap box.

Happy Monday morning.

Damián Castillo
MCAD Administrator
Pro Engineer Consultant
Hensley Industries

Maybe you should start here?

I agree....... I had noticed that they moved the link a couple of weeks
ago. I posted a message on this very issue on a form inside the
University Forum: PTC University: General Discussion
( and still no
response. We’ve had the same problem “paid for a class and we can’t find
it” In general everyone at our company finds the web site
very difficult to navigate.

Andy Ahlberg
Donatelle Plastics Inc.
501 County Rd E-2 Ext.
New Brighton, MN 55112
651-633-4200 (Ext. 2062)

This link makes my message even funnier. No where on that page does it
tell you how to get to the PTC University. lol

Great example of what I was talking about. I know how to access it now
directly, but you can't navigate there inside the PTC site, at least not

Damián Castillo
MCAD Administrator
Pro Engineer Consultant
Hensley Industries

"Brian Noll"
<brian.noll@york. <br="/> com> To
03/28/2005 08:12 "PTC/USER System Management
AM Discussion"
Please respond to
<brian.noll@york. subject=" <br="/> com> RE: [sysmgt] PTC has the WORST SITE

Maybe you should start here?

I put "PTC University" into Google and the first link was this:
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

I think we should clarify has its days when it mis-behaves, but all in all it is a very good web site and seems to be very responsive and a very good track record of up time.

FYI, is also called PTCU

On the other hand:
I think the PTCU web site is a good idea, but the execution is awful. I have never experienced a day when PTCU works as intended. So I try to avoid it as much as possible. Until recently it was not always possible for me.

I have had a lot of trouble with PTCU web site ever since the started using it to list Instructor Lead course schedules. I contacted PTC twice to get issues resolved, and the response was poor. No resolution. Selling ILT courses must not be that important to PTC...

When searching for a course, I could only get the first page of results. If there were other offerings on results page 2 thru whatever, we could not access them. Very unhelpful. the navigation pane on the left was semi-useless (works maybe 50% of the time)

Recently the made the schedules available outside(again) of the PTCU website and this actually works!! (though it took forever to get it fixed...)

Had the same problems with just listing courses and descriptions (PTCU not working,) so by not using PTCU, the problem is resolved for me on

If you punch in a partial course code such as "TRN-1713" in the Title/Keyword box, it can't find anything... so much for "keyword"...

Trying to use the navigation is almost worthless:

Under "I want to Learn About" select "Create Solutions"
Under "Product Line" select "Pro/INTRALINK"
Under "Delivery Format" select "Course"

I get no results...

I hope they get PTCU fixed.
Andrew Amsden
Midmark Corporation

I didn't have any problems finding it:

It's not you.  PTC has objectively the worst CRM on the internet.  Apparently you are not allowed to use the product if you don't tell them who you work for, or want to own the product yourself.


I'm already in ancient rage mode with PTC for the destruction of MathCad, a program I use daily and which will no longer be accessible if my current machine fails.


I wanted to see if they have finally gotten around to implementing THE MOST BASIC PLOTTING FUNCTIONALITY already in MathCad 15, so went to see if I could get a new trial.  I have a PTC login, but damned if I can find the login page from the main page.


The link to download a trial requires that you enter a company email address.  Thing is, If I want to buy the software personally and use it as I see fit, can someone explain how this is any of their business?

23-Emerald II

First issue, why are you responding to a 17 year old thread? Create a new one for your new issue. This is a community of users who try to help other users. There are a few PTC employees in the community and they do answer when appropriate.

Second issue, open and right on the top menu bar is Education and Support, Downloads are considered a type of support, so in the drop down, select eSupport. Right there in Popular Tasks is Download Software. 

If you want a personal evaluation copy of MathCAD, create a new account with a different email address for personal use.

Thank you for pointing out my error.  Ironically, nothing seems to have changed in 17 years, the link mentioned is still impossible to find 🙂


I honestly doubt that I will ever get past my hurt, rage and frustration over the cancellation of MathCad 15.  When my current computer dies, I'll have to retire because what I've seen of Prime, (7.0) is still not functional, the graphing is terrible and of all the things to not have fixed yet in 8, charting would have to be my #1 issue.


The precise help I need isn't available.  For PTC to really show that they have heard and understood the cries of the MathCad 15 user community.  It hasn't happen, it won't happen, and so I check back every year or so to see if things have improved but PTC still finds themselves blameless, when in fact they have destroyed careers through their negligent stewardship of MathCad.