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posting comments after toolchange


posting comments after toolchange

Hello Gurus!! I have messages in the tool info window, but they do not
appear when I post them out. Does anyone know how to get them into the
.txt file? One of my co-workers mentioned "pprint", but me being the
illiterate subject of to many chemical cocktails, and lack of any formal
training for Pro_E/NC, has no idea what that is. Thanks very much!


Hi Jarrod,

In Mfg Setup > CL Setup you have PPRINT setting. It allows you to set what
info you want to output in CL file. One example is that you might want to
automatically output sequence name, comments and tool name every time. You
set that in this area, and save a .ppr file. For every program you just
retrieve and use that .ppr file.

This covers getting the info into the NCL file. Your post must also do
something with it. Your post can be set to output PPRINT statements to the
NC file, to the list file, or to just ignore them.

I hope this helps,


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