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Exported STEP242 File size


Exported STEP242 File size

Hello all,

I am in the testing stages of Creo 4.0 M010 and I am examining file sizes of exported STEP files by type and option.

I find the the same file exported with different options / types results in file size increase.

Base prt file size with annotated model is about 20MB after saving in Creo 4, the original Creo 3.0 M120 file size was 128MB. A great reduction upon saving in Creo 4.0

I deleted all annotations from the model and the file reduced in size to 18.5MB, noy such of a decrease.

The following is exported STEP file sizes of the same file.

STEP 203is                               = 15.18MB

STEP 214is                               = 17.09MB

STEP 214is (with annotation)      = 50.23MB

STEP 242e1                              = 17.09MB

STEP 242e1 (with annotation)     = 50.23MB

Custom 242e1 annotation only     =48.88MB

There are several options that cannot be turned off when selecting the Annotation type export, grayed out are Datums, Quilts, Hidden entities, and Rich content (under the annotation check box).

A couple of questions for the group that know the software.

1. Why is there a "Rich cont" check box if there are no options available to allow its selection?

2. Why are the selections greyed out after selecting ap242e1?

     I did modify the *.dep_step profile file and set option to "0" except for annotation.

Another process step I made was the creation of an exported PDF of the drawing which resulted in a 2.6MB file.

I then attached the 17MB step242e1 without annotation file to the PDF, saved PDF file equals 6.4MB.

Performed the same task with the 50MB annotated step242 file and the saved PDF equals 13.4MB

In thinking of transmission of these files I can see a case where we may run into problems depending on delivery methods.

I know there will be variations in the size due to geometry and the number of actual dimensions being created or shown. What I am trying to determine is a metric to justify limited dimension annotated models for downstream use and storage.

Raphael, Any insight is greatly appreciated.



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