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A highly textured colorful material


A highly textured colorful material

This started out being a room floor or ceiling, which it works great for, but it is also a nice retro texture for that odd "space".

I was happy to learn I could easily create textures along with images to map on surfaces.

The images are 512 x 512 jpeg.

folder references come from the root - example: C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 2.0\Common Files\F001\

Place the two images, twilight_blk.jpg and twilight_wht_bump.jpg in the \graphic-library\textures\misc folder.

Place the rainbow_disk.dtm in \graphic-library\appearances folder.

You can append therainbow_disk.dtm to your appearance map and use it for surfaces or rooms.

Of course, you can put the files in your working directory and you can manually map the textures, but I included the full set of files to duplicate what you see.  Thanks to others who have posted materials giving me some idea of what was needed.

A quick note on making bumpy texture:  I made the original color image and saved it.  Then I inverted the colors and converted the image to grayscale.

This seems to provide a really nice deep texture along with the bright colors matching the original image contours.  A little trick that always eluded me.

If you decide to change the mapping of the color image on a surface, remember to make the exact same change to the bump map.  In this case, it would be nice if the controls could be locked together. 

Here are the result on a few varied surfaces.  The sphere is reversed from the flats.  Easily done with the model appearance editor (tip: use the eye dropper in the upper right hand corner!)




Please feel free to contribute to the discussion.



Re: A highly textured colorful material

Cool Antonius, you are right with the problem "to change the mapping of the color image on a surface, remember to make the exact same change to the bump map.", would be great to find improvements in the next Creo.

Re: A highly textured colorful material

I'd love if the Visualization Team at PTC would just grab a copy of Lightwave 3D, 3D Studio, or any other commercial animation software, take a look at the rendering options, and give us some new tools. We should be able to do more than just a texture with a bump map and an alpha channel. I know the PhotoLux renderer gives some additional options but they're still limited.

I want to be able to use an image map as a reflection to another texture, add some fractal noise, and create lighting effects like flares. We've got the queen mother of all 3D modeling applications at our fingertips. Along with it, we should have an amazing rendering and animation tool. Maybe it doesn't need all the bells and whistles of a true animation package but I think we could stand an upgrade from where we are now.



Re: A highly textured colorful material

I'm not going to hold my breath for PTC to give us something for nothing.

However, I am quite sure that a lot of PTC sales are going straight to SolidWork on "presentation" alone.

I guess if rendering is a big part of your CAD experience, you'd get a real rendered.

I was hoping that after all these years, Creo would have improved PTC's rendering engine.  I can pretty much say that they have downgraded our out-of-the-box experience.  I use to see real circles when doing comparisons or tangent checks or round objects.  Now I get octagons masquerading as circles.

It is becoming rather obvious that PTC has their hands way to full with their total product offering to give Pro/E much thought.  We have text based menus, WF menus, and now Microsoft ribbons all sprinkled in the mix.  It looks and feels hodgepodged.  I never know where I have to look next to find my current input request.  Even the prompt bar hides unless you move the bottom of the graphics window.  They really need some fresh blood looking at the UI from a -NEW USER- perspective.

Is there a button to transform the UI to 2000i

Re: A highly textured colorful material

I tried many, many times to create the textures to be able to shade a part that looked like a machined casting.  I remomber going through all kinds of trouble creating a bump map, and trying ro creat semirealistic looking machine marks.  It was a major effort, and the best I ever got in ProE was something that looke like a lego with a bumpy surface.

I tried the samething in Solidworks back in 97 I think.  I spent about 15 minutes on it, and it looked great.  Not perfect, but if I spent another 15 minutes on it I'm sure I could make it look much better.

Back in the early 90's Pro Engineer was the greatest graphics CAD system in existance.  The problem is they're still in the 90's and unwilling to listen to their customers wants and need.

I agree, it shouldn't take much effort to add maor improvements to ProE/Creo graphics.  This same thought could be translated to many other areas where ProE/Creo needs help.

Why Won't You Listen to Your Customers PTC. 

Re: A highly textured colorful material


Real good tutorial!

Check a typo on the rainbow_disk.dtm should be .dmt.

Also looking on how to make the lens flare effect, fog, light scatter.

Thanks Dan