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Boat Waterline - BMX

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Boat Waterline - BMX

I am using Pro/E in a Marine Engineering and Design environment. I have successfully used the BMX Feasibility Study feature to find the waterline of a boat model with the cg on the boats longitudinal centerline. I have not been able to do the same with an offset load. Does anyone have experience with this?

Thank You


Boat Waterline - BMX

Barry here are the steps I would use:

1. Use 3 design variables to define the boat position with respect to
the water line (i.e. Vertical boat CG location and Angles about x and y
axes) .

2. Find the CG of the displaced volume and its distances from two axes
(i.e. x and y)

3. Write a relation feature to express three equilibrium equations
(i.e. sum of forces in vertical direction and moments about x and y)

4. Use an optimization feature to find the 3 design variables that
satisfy the equilibrium equations (i.e. minimize abs(sum of forces in
vertical direction).

If any additional information/clarification is required don't hesitate to
call or email.


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